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Subscription Information


Get the latest UK education industry insights straight to your inbox each month with a subscription to The Assignment Report.

With our standard annual corporate subscription to The Assignment Report you will receive: 

  • 12 electronic issues of the report delivered direct to your inbox.
  • Additional copies of the newsletter delivered direct to the inboxes of up to two other colleagues.
  • The Assignment Report's quarterly Education Industry Deal Review.
  • Unrestricted access to the online archive of over 5,000 articles and information on more than 400 companies.
  • Discounted delegate rates to seminars organised by The Assignment Report. 

Our 2017 standard corporate subscription rates are: 

  • 1 year - £745 + VAT = £894
  • 2 years - £1,265 + VAT (SAVE 30% on the second year) = £1,518

Discounts are available for non-profit organisations and early stage companies.

For an order form email: