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December 2018 edition

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Making a difference - Maximising learning outcomes and improving workflow in schools

14 February 2019, 13.45 to 17.45, Ironmonger's Hall, London

Confirmed panellists include: Steve Burnett, Managing Director, RM Education; Andrea Carr, Founder of Rising Stars; Paul Charman, Managing Director, FFT Education; Richard Marett, CEO, Whizz Education; Amanda Peck, Executive Director Marketing, Professional Group, McGraw-Hill Education; Josh Perry, Director, Assembly; Ian Rowe, Business Development Director, GCSEPod; and, Dan Sandhu, CEO, Sparx.

Paul Howells (CEO, Eteach Group), Julian Drinkall (CEO, AET) and Rupert Barclay (Managing Partner, Cairneagle)

Osiris Educational reports profit for FY11

publication date: Jan 3, 2012
Osiris Educational, the Lincolnshire-based national provider of professional development courses for schools, has reported a post tax, post dividend profit of £138k for the year ended 31 March 2011 according to abbreviated accounts filed recently at Companies House. The business had net assets of £489k (2010: £363k) at the year end.


Jointly owned by Stephen Cox and Brenda Hobbins, Osiris runs both offsite and onsite courses in England, Wales and Scotland and engages around 200 trainers. The company has also established a network of host schools which run a selection of day courses linked to local needs. The host school also acts as a sales channel for Osiris’ in-school events and school consultancy services.

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