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GTC appoints Cambridge Education to expand Teacher Learning Academy

publication date: Aug 2, 2008
author/source: Ed Tranham

The General Teaching Council for England (GTC) has appointed Cambridge Education (CE) to support the expansion of its Teacher Learning Academy, a national scheme to support and recognise teachers’ professional learning.

From September 2008 CE will manage the day-to-day operations of the Teacher Learning Academy, making it possible for teachers and schools throughout England to enhance their professional excellence and gain further recognition.

The appointment of CE follows a successful pilot of the Teacher Learning Academy and approval from the GTC’s governing Council to expand the Academy to a national system, accessible to all teachers registered with the GTC.
As the delivery partner for the Teacher Learning Academy, CE will be responsible for the management of teacher enrolments and their presentations to the Academy. CE will also manage the licensing and training of the Academy-approved schools that provide guidance and verification to teachers in their own schools and their local areas.

CE will provide training for accredited support partners – higher education institutions and other organisations that have aligned one or more of the four stages of the Teacher Learning Academy with their own training and development programmes.

Responsibility for the overall strategy of the Teacher Learning Academy, quality assurance of the verification and award process, and engagement with national partners, will be retained by the GTC.

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